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API Orifice Choke Valve
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Orifice Choke Valve


 Orifice Choke Valve is molded of two pieces of special carbon tungsten plates with rather ability of erosion

resistance,one of which rotates to alter the concentricity between the upper orifice and lower orifice of two plates

so as to adjust the flow-rate of fluid or gas.

The valve is used for manifold such as drilling, fracture,mud circuit,ground high pressure gas injection/production,

it has a outstanding feature that the pressure difference between inlet and outlet,as closing, can press both of the 
platesfast together so as to put into effect of sealing cutting,especially in the case that the pressure suddenly rises 
or flalls, the pre-set sign-rate of high/low pressure sensor can be helpful for automatic closing /shut so as to avoid 
heavy accident.It is outstanding advantage that it has long working life and ability of erosion/corrosion resistance in 
comparing with other choke valves. 

Choke valve technical parameters


Working Pressure: 2,000Psi-20,000PsT

·Nominal Bore Diameter: 1 13/16"-7 1/16"

·Working Medium: petroleum, natural gas ,water, mud, gas containing H2S, CO2

·Temperature Class: L-U

·Material Class: AA ~ HH

·Product Specification Level: 1~4

·Performance Requirement: 1-2


Manual orifice choke valve


Hydraulic orifice choke valve


Control panel / Control Console for hydraulic orifice drilling choke



Angle valve actuator for orifice hydraulic

drilling choke  


 Choke valve application



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