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HSR Retrievable Setting Packer
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The Retrievable Packer delivers high performance with slimplicity of design and desirable economics.The dual bore packer allows for a large ID through the packer by sealing in an upper seal bore. No tubing rotation requires to fully set the packer .It has one-piece ,selgf energizing packing element and features bidirectional slips below the slips from being lost during retrieval or milling .A retrieving tool is required to retrieve these packers.



  • Fracturing plugging may backwashing well and ensure packer set security.
  • Thebouncing baseat ensure too inside diameter.arge liquid throughput.
  • Self-sealing packing cup provide setting force and have a certain sand contro effect.
  • Hydraulic anchor and packer with integrated design can prevent the string rise during fracturing process.
  • Backwashing valve may backwash in fracturing sand plug.


SANMON DHP Retrievable Packer
Part NO. Casing OD .Casing Weight Max ID. Packing Cup ID. Min ID. Connection Thread
in Lbs/ft in[mm] in[mm] in[mm]
1020855001 5 1/2 15.5-20 4.523[115.00] 5.12[130.00] 1.82[46.23] 2 7/8" 10RD NU
1020870001 7 26-32 5.827[148.00] 6.61[168.00] 2.76[70.00] 3 1/2" 10RD NU
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