Artificial Lifting
Dual Valve Lubricator
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 SANMON ’s Dual Valve assembly design focuses on reducing the extensive cost of facility modification to accommodate the installation of a plunger lift lubricator. While ensuring functional & efficient operation of the plunger lift equipment.



·Order the Lubricator to match either an API Flow Block or Flow Tee configuration.

· Replaces the Block or Tee and the wing valve.

·Eliminates the expensive highline modifications, field and engineering costs and extended down time.



Available in  2 3/8, 2 7/8, and 3 1/2 — 5000 PSI WP.

     L80 Grade 4140 Cold Temp (-50 C) rated

     Fully Nace Compliant components

     Tensile strength range of 92000-98000 lbs per sq inch

     Every weld is stress relieved, 100% X-Rayed

     Each Final Assembly is pressure tested to 7500 psi

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