Artificial Lifting
2 3/8 EUE 8 RD Threaded Lubricator
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 ·The Machined body design provides maximum lubricator design

strength, safety, reliability and a unsurpassed ability to dissipate the
energy created from the occasional and accidental high velocity
plunger speed arrivals.
  · The “zero weld” design on this lubricator means our full machined
threaded ports are straight and true, making installation of the
lubricator simpler and quicker, minimizing unnecessary time and
   ·At Definitive Optimization there are no short cuts when it comes to a
high quality design.  The handy cap design uses the same high
quality spring, anvil and catcher parts supplied in our extreme
service lubricator designs.
   ·Superior Spring Quality supplied in 17-7 stainless material.
  · Body is made of standard grade AISA 4140 material.
   ·Minimum cap/body material tensile strength is 110,000.
   ·5000 PSI working pressure    -20 ~ +180 F Temp
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