Pump Jack/Pumping Unit
Padded Plungers
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SANMON'S pad plunger manufactured with durability in mind, the bodies are made in one piece.  There are no threads, ensuring this plunger body will not come apart during operation.  The pad material design gives superior seal capability that resists cracking and pad breakage. 



Consistent Quality and Strength

• Mandrel is machined from one solid piece, no threads or pins to come loose or apart.

• Body L80 Material

• Pads are 316 SS Material

• Designed to cycle through profiles



Offered in all sizes

23⁄8” & 27⁄8” - 4 pad design

31⁄2” - 5 pad design

41⁄2” - 6 pad design

51⁄2” - 7 pad design

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