Pump Jack/Pumping Unit
Solid Ring Plungers
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 Due to customer requirements, there is a broad range of low cost solid plungers in stock to meet the Producers well specific requirements to help improve production.   The Helix design has been incorporated in most designs as it shows benefits in deviated and sandy wells.



• Proven time and again, length creates more efficiency than any other added design to solid ring plungers.

• The Helix axis causes the plunger to spin, keeping it clear of paraffin while in Lubricator. Along with providing even  wear patterns in deviated tubing.



 - Available in 1 1/2" up to 5 1/2" sizes.

- 4140 High Grade Material.

- The 4 Dimensional Helix turns plungers to keep them clean of solids.

- 120 meters (400') per minute fall speed.

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