API 16A Double Rams BOP
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Type 2'' API Standard 16A Cameron Double Rams BOP




(1)API Spec 16A 
(2)NACE MR-01-75 
(4)API Q1&ISO 9001

Cameron type Ram BOP



1. Not only the pipe rams and blind rams but also the variable bore ram and shear rams are available without any structure change.
2. Matched-manufacturing isnt necessary for the bonnets and body, so the discrepancy could be eliminated by the structure. And its convenient for the maintenance in the future.
3. The outlets on the both sides of the body make the operation on site flexible. 
4. Three kinds of locking system could be chosen: the internal manual locking system, the outside manual locking system and the automatic hydraulic locking system.
5. The pressurized self-sealing sealing mechanism is used between the body and bonnets, so its not necessary to apply too much pretightening force to secure the reliability of sealing.
6. its very convenient to lift and transport the BOPs with the four lifting rods.
7. The new sealing mechanism of ram shaft secures the sealing reliability under the high pressure.

8. The ring grooves of flanges are all lined with the corrosion resistant alloy.




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