API16A Double Ram BOP
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 API16A Double Ram BOP


Product Description

All BOPs are strictly manufactured as per API Spec 16A, and can be used to replace Shaffer ram BOP, Cameron ram BOP, or Hydril ram BOP.

Hydraulic BOP ramadopts hydraulic pressure to close and open the ram. When there's no electric power, the ram can be closed manually. When the well needs to be closed for a long period, the ram must be locked manually. Hydraulic ram BOP can be used independently, and it also can be used with other BOP.



 API dual-ram BOP , BOP Hydraulic ram BOP of wellhead equipment

* Bore size: 7-1/16", 9", 11", 13-5/8", etc.

* working pressure: 3000psi, 5000psi, 10000psi and 15000psi.

* Body Styles: single, double, triple

* End type: API flanged, studded and other types are available.





API Spec 6A&16A

Working pressure:

2000psi-10000psi(14 Mpa-70Mpa)

Bore size:


Top &bottom connection:





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