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2H Offshore launches new fracture mechanics software
Date:【2016-03-10 10:49】 Read:【】Times

 HOUSTON--2H Offshore has designed and launched a new engineering critical assessment(ECA) software:FlawIQ.The software automates both BS7910 and API 579 procedures,making it faster and simpler to perform accurate fatigue assessments for offshore components.

FlawIQ is the only commercially available tool that incorporates both BS7910 and API 579 standards. Key benefits of the software include the ability for the user to automate flaw ranges, and to run multiple cases without manual intervention. The program is highly customizable, making it simple to incorporate new solutions and to increase the accuracy for special situations, such as HPHT applications. The tool is web-based and features an online help facility, and access to 2H Offshore’s team of ECA engineers for technical support and training.
“The current programs available on the market are useful, but fail to incorporate both BS7910 and API 579 standards. The incorporation of these standards is becoming increasingly important to our clients. With FlawIQ, everything is housed within one program, no matter which industry standard is required,” Mike Campbell, V.P., 2H Offshore, said.
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