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Sucker rod manufacturing process
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 Sucker rod is important part of rod oil production equipment which drives the subsurface pump from the 

motor of the pumping units. API Spec 11B standard sucker rods are designed to be used with moderate 
to heavy loads in non-corrosive or effectively inhibited wells.
We cooperate with international leading manufacturers to produce several sorts of sucker rod, mix together 
with special material & technology developed by YANTAI SANMON MECHINERY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD to 
produce Grade C, D, HL, HY, K, KD with different properties, included special High Strength and Surface 
Spray Metal, used in major oilfield home and abroad. Sucker rods uses high quality steel as the material, 
100% be straighten, flaw detection and shot blasted, forged by the close-loop advanced technology, using 
advanced heat-treatment for rod, and the ultrasonic frequency surface quenching, and completed with 
advanced fluorescent magnetic fault detection &  imported Eddy Current Inspection instrument to inspect 
sucker rod head and the rod body, the quality of the product is being assured. The capacity of Sucker rod is 
100000 meters per month making good returns through high added value. Meanwhile, Polished rod, Pony rod, 
Sinker Bar are also available with similar process and technical.
Manufacturing Process: 
1. Rod Bar The incoming rod bars are inspected for any damage, fault and discontinuities. Before arranging
    the rod bars for production process, carry out chemical composition testing, dimensional inspection & 
    surface quality inspection. High quality standard is maintained at various stage inspections. 
2. Manufacturing Rod bars are manufactured from hot rolled alloy steel. Rod bars are machine straightened 
    and cold drawn to the required size. The rod bar ends are hot forged according to API designed sizes.The 
    rods are then heat treated over the full length. As per requirement of mechanical properties, the rods are 
    normalized and tempered to the specified level or quenched and tempered to the required hardness and
    strength. Care is taken to achieve metallographic structure with no residual stresses in the rod. A sample 
    specimen is cut from the heat treated material and is tested for ultimate tensile strength, yield strength and
    elongation. The rod is then again checked for straightness. The forged ends are properly aligned with its 
    body. Rods are cleaned by shot-blasting to remove any scale and oxidation. The forged ends are machined 
    on C. N. C. Lathe machines as per API dimensions and checked with API approved gauges. 
3. Packaging and Storage The sucker rods are then coated with rust inhibitors and carefully palletized in bundles 
    for safe transport and handling. 
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