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Uhlmann USA To Ramp Up Machine Rebuilding Services At New Jersey Facility
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 Uhlmann Packaging Systems LP, the worldwide leader in pharmaceutical packaging, is intensifying its custom machine outfitting services at its Rebuild Packaging Systems Center in New Jersey. The heightened focus comes in the midst of an uptick in market demand for high-quality used machinery, which is seen by the pharmaceutical industry as a cost-effective means of addressing increased and/or changing customer demands and ever-evolving regulatory mandates.

Uhlmann performs rebuilding services on its complete lines of blistering machines, cartoners and end-of-line equipment. The company’s specialized knowledge is derived from extensive experience in modernizing used machines, having completed more than 50 such projects since 2003. Uhlmann’s additional portfolio of packaging machinery includes bottling machines, line-monitoring and control systems, and downstream packaging equipment.
Uhlmann’s Rebuild Packaging Systems Center specializes in upgrading machinery to meet specified customer requirements and extending the machinery's lifespan with electrical and mechanical retrofits. All upgrades use genuine Uhlmann parts installed by its highly trained technicians, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance and offering detailed rebuild documentation and validation services. The machinery is upgraded according to the latest GMP requirements and legal regulations.
Priced against the cost of a comparable new machine, customers engaging Uhlmann’s Rebuild Packaging Systems services can expect to save between 30 and 70 percent, depending on whether a given rebuild is partial or complete. In all cases, Uhlmann promises quick delivery times. And despite the savings, customers receive the same service and accountability: Uhlmann takes responsibility for all phases of rebuild projects from initial meeting through machine acceptance and, optionally, services such as installation, training and validation.
The rebuilding process involves several steps. Machines first are evaluated either at the customer’s site or at Uhlmann's center. Subsequently, the rebuild work uses Uhlmann components, complete with state-of-the-art technology. All components, stations and functions are tested and verified before the revamped equipment is installed at a customer’s facility.
Additional benefits include a one-year full machine warranty, a buyback program for used machinery, use of existing format parts, and access to all service measures including consulting, installation and training. Uhlmann offers both finished machines ready for quick delivery and an inventory of machines that can be configured to a customer's individual needs.
“Today’s production processes require continuous adaptation,” said Andy Stobbe, President of Uhlmann Packaging Systems. “New medications are constantly being developed and new regulations introduced, making Uhlmann’s Rebuild Packaging Systems a very attractive option for anyone who needs a functioning machine immediately, or who opts to extend the life of an older machine while improving its performance.”
About Uhlmann Packaging Systems, L.P.
With products that include blister-and bottle- machines, cartoning systems, line-monitoring and control systems, and downstream packaging machinery, Uhlmann Packaging Systems, L.P., provides the North American pharmaceutical industry with sales support, service technicians, on-site training, parts inventory, tool manufacturing, rebuilt machinery, and turnkey line integrations. For more information, visit
SOURCE: Uhlmann Packaging Systems, L.P.
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